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Danielle Kurtz, RN, BSN, Research Nurse
Danielle Kurtz attended Towson State University in Towson, Maryland where she received her BSN in Nursing in 1993. After working for over 10 years across the country as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse, a Pediatric Primary Care Nurse, and a Post-anesthesia Nurse, she joined New Hanover Regional Medical Center as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse in 2003. She then returned to Maryland to obtain her certification in the fundamentals of Research Coordination from Johns Hopkins in 2006. Returning to NHRMC, she became the Research Coordinator for SEAHEC Dept of Neonatology and then to CCNEO as Research Coordinator since 2011.

Her current research and project interests include Case-Control Genetic Study of Broncopulmonary Dysplasia and Validating the Accuracy of Weight Based Equations for Orogastric and Nasogastric Tube Placements in Neonates.


Arielle Lapid, Research Assistant



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